What are Activities?

What is an Activity?

Activities in Ravetree represent any action on your part with an Account or a Contact. They are often used to track actions taken to close a deal. Think of these as your "To-Do List", or "Checklist". A phone call, lunch meeting, email, etc. You can schedule an Activity with your people contacts, organizations, or deals so you will always know what's coming next.

By default, you can set up your activities to be a Call, Conference, Demo, Email, Lunch etc.. You can set up custom Activity Types in the Admin -> CRM Setup, or by clicking on the "3 dot menu" in the CRM Section and clicking on "Setup Activities".

Activities can be synced with your Ravetree & Work Calendar! When you are creating the Activity, be sure to select "Create Calendar Event". Creating a Calendar Event for an Activity is completely optional, however if you are living in the Sales Pipeline, this will ensure your Calendar doesn't get double booked and will prevent you from having to enter in meetings and other Events twice. 

If you have your Email / Calendar synced with Ravetree, you will see a Calendar Event show up in your Calendar as well.

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