Our Quickbooks integration allows you to keep your Ravetree invoices in sync with your online Quickbooks account.


To setup up an integration with online Quickbooks go to the Amin page in Ravetree, then click on the "Connections" tab on the left of the screen:

Next, you will be asked to authenticate with your online Quickbooks account. After you have finished authenticating you can establish the mappings between Ravetree and Quickbooks. Make sure you select the "Invoices" checkbox first, then click on the "Configure Mappings" button. Ravetree will prompt you to establish mappings between certain fields in Quickbooks:

The fields on the left (under "Ravetree Line Item") represent the five different types of line items that can be added to Ravetree invoices. Each one of these must be mapped to a Quickbooks service item. 

After completing this step the integration is complete.

How the integration works

It's important to note that the integration requires that you create estimates and invoices from within Ravetree. These are then pushed over to your online Quickbooks account.


Anytime you create an invoice in Ravetree it will automatically be pushed over to your Quickbooks account. The invoice number in Ravetree will be the same as the invoice number in Quickbooks. When you receive payment for an invoice you can enter this information into Ravetree or Quickbooks—it will be updated in both places. Likewise, if you update the status of an invoice (e.g., if you send the invoice or mark it as "Paid"), then this information will be updated in both Ravetree and Quickbooks (regardless of where the update was made).

Adding, editing, or removing invoice line items from within Ravetree will automatically update the invoice in Quickbooks.

If you have old invoices that were created before you enabled the integration with Quickbooks then you can have them pushed over to Quickbooks by opening the invoice and clicking on the "Sync to Quickbooks" button:


You can also choose to sync Ravetree Estimates with your online Quickbooks account by checking the "Estimates" checkbooks on the Admin/Connections page:

Estimates that are created and updated in Ravetree will be synced with your online Quickbooks account. Just like with invoices, if you make changes to estimates in Quickbooks, these updates will not be synced back to Ravetree. However, updates made to estimates from within Quickbooks will not be pushed back to Ravetree. 


When you first enable the Quickbooks integration Ravetree will create contacts to match your customer database in Quickbooks. If the contact to which you are sending an estimate or invoice does not already exist in your online Quickbooks account, then it will be created for you. If you have contacts in Ravetree that you want pushed over to Quickbooks, then you can simply open the contact and click on the "Sync to Quickbooks" button:

Any contacts that have already been synced with Quickbooks will have a small Quickbooks icon located to the left of the contact name:

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