Ravetree's integration with Hubspot establishes a seamless two-way sync between accounts/contacts and companies/contacts. Anytime you create a new account or contact in Ravetree it will also be created in Hubspot (as a company or contact). The same thing will happen when companies or contacts are created from within Hubspot (i.e., they will be created in Ravetree as accounts and contacts). Updates are also handled seamlessly with the two-way sync.


Accounts in Ravetree are the same as Companies in Hubspot. Contacts in Ravetree are the same as Contacts in Hubspot.

Getting started

Go to the Admin page in Ravetree and click on the "Connections" tab on the left. Next, click on the switch next to the Hubspot logo and enter your Hubspot API key (located in your Hubspot account):'

After saving your Hubspot API key you will be prompted to log in to your Hubspot account. 

Field mappings

The final setup stage involves establishing mappings between fields in Ravetree and Hubspot. You can choose to establish a two-way sync with Accounts and/or Contacts by selecting the relevant switches:

It is important to note that custom fields are not currently supported during the syncing process. Any custom fields that exist in Ravetree and/or Hubspot will be ignored. Future updates to our integration with Hubspot may allow for custom field syncing. Also, there are certain default fields that exist in Ravetree that do not exist in Hubspot (and vice versa). These fields will be ignored during the syncing process. 

Accounts (Ravetree) to Companies (Hubspot)

Below is a screenshot that shows the field mappings between accounts in Ravetree and companies in Hubspot:

Contacts (Ravetree) to Contacts (Hubspot)

Below is a screenshot that shows the field mappings between contacts in Ravetree and contacts in Hubspot:


The email field is unique on HubSpot, so although it is possible to have more than one contact with the same email on Ravetree, it is not possible to do so on HubSpot. In this case, the integration of contacts with duplicate emails will not work properly.

Two-way syncing

Once this is done you Ravetree will begin syncing data with Hubspot. Specifically, we will create companies in Hubspot for all accounts that exist in Ravetree, and contacts in Ravetree will be created as contacts in Hubspot. Likewise, we will do the same thing the other way around. That is, accounts and contacts will be created in Ravetree from companies and contacts that exist in Hubspot. The syncing process can take up to two hours to complete. 

After the initial sync you can create accounts and contacts in Ravetree and these will be created as companies and contacts in Hubspot. The same occurs in reverse (from Hubspot to Ravetree), and also applies to updates.

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