Project Work Items

The project work items page has several different views to choose from when viewing the work items within your project. Below is a screenshot of the table view:

Work items can be organized into a flat list, or as a tree (shown in the above screenshot). The tree view allows you to see how work items are nested. You can also group your work items. The work items above have been grouped by priority.

When building a new project you can make use of the "Add Item" button to quickly create new work items:

Just type the name of your new work item into the field. The new work item will automatically be linked to the project. If the work item was added inside a group, such as "Medium Priority", then that priority will be applied to the new work item. Likewise, if you add a work item inside a nested table, then the new work item will also be linked to the parent work item.

You can simply press return to add the new work item, or click on the blue "check" button as shown above.

The columns that appear in the table view can be customized by clicking on the cog icon in the lower left of the table:

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