Creating Request Form Templates

Request form templates can be created by navigating to the Admin page and selecting "Request Forms" on the left.

Click on the blue "+" button next to where it says "Add Request Form" and you will be able to create a new request form and customize it to suite your needs:


There are two options for request form type: Project and Work Item


This is the name of the request form as seen by users when choosing which request form they want to submit.


Every request form requires and approval workflow. You can choose from previously created approval workflows, or create a new one. Whenever someone submits a request form the people listed in the approval workflow are notified that a new request has been submitted. These reviewers have the opportunity to approve or reject the request.


Select this option if you want to allow users to upload file attachments when submitting a request.


You may have request forms that you don't want your clients to see (via the client portal). In that's that case, then don't select this option. Any request forms that are not visible to clients will only be visible to people who are licensed members of your Ravetree portal.


If your request form "Type" is set to "Project", then you have the option to associate it with a project template. Whenever someone submits a project request associated with a project template it will automatically generate a new project from the template when the request has been approved.

Fields Included On Form

In this section you are selecting the fields that you want to show up on your request form. There are three options:

  1. Optional
    1. The user does not have to enter information into this field
  2. Required
    1. The user is required to fill out this field
  3. Set Value
    1. Determine the value of the field without giving the user the opportunity to change it. In the above screenshot we have selected this option for the "Project Type" field. As you can see we have set the project type to "Website". Any project that is generated from this request form will automatically have the project type set to "Website."
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