Creating Project Templates

To create a new project template navigate to the Projects -> Templates page and click on the "+ Project Template" button.

Every project template must have a name. You have the option to select a project Type and specify if the project is Billable. You can also select a currency for your project. It's important that you click the "Save" or "Update" button to preserve your changes. After you have a template set up you can click the "+ Project From Template" button to generate a project from the template.

Work Items

You can easily add work items to your project template by clicking on the "+ Work Item" button. By default each new work item you add will have its Type set to "Task". Sub-Tasks can be added by clicking on the 3 dots dropdown menu to the left of a given work item. 

Work Roles can be set for each work item. If the selected work role has an associated billable rate (set in the Admin section), then this rate will be used when calculating the Fee for the work item if the projects Billable type has been set to "Variable Hourly Rate" (as opposed to "Fixed Hourly Rate"). The Fee is determined from the billable rate and the Time estimate entered for the work item. Notice the first work item entered above in the screenshot: "Create landing pages." It has two numbers listed in the Fee column, $3000 and $2400. The first value is the estimate fee as determined from the time estimate entered for that Task. The second number is the sum total of all estimated fees for the Sub-Tasks underneath the Task. That is, fees are rolled up from the child-most work item. It is the roll up fees that are used to determine the Total Fee listed in the footer section (i.e., $4800). The same type of roll up occurs for time entered in the Time field for each work item.

The Start field is where you can enter an integer representing the number of days from the project start date on which a work item is set to start. The projects start date is chosen when you generate a project from the template. The Duration is an integer representing the number of days a work item spans. It is used to determine the end date for a work item.


Select the Milestones tab if you want to enter milestones for you project template. Just like work items, milestones can have a Date field that lets you enter the number of days in to the project on which the milestone occurs. Once you add milestones to your template you can associate these with work items.

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