File Approval Workflows

You can associate a file approval workflow for any file that has been upload or attached to Ravetree. File approval workflows are useful when one or more people need to approve a file. One example use case is a mockup design of a client website landing page. You may require internal and external approval for the file before the mockup is handed off to a web developer. Approval workflows can be saved for reuse on other files, and file reviewers can be Ravetree members or external clients (clients are given access via the client portal).

Creating A New Approval Workflow

When a file has been uploaded or attached to Ravetree you will have the option to put that file in to an approval workflow. Make sure you click on the "Approval" tab on the right of the File preview page.

Simply click on the "Require Approval" button to select an existing approval workflow, or create a new one. Once you have clicked this button you will have the option to select an existing approval workflow, or choose to create a new one.

Create A New Approval Workflow

In the screenshot below you can see that we have created a new approval workflow called "My New Approval Workflow" and we have given it two stages ("First Internal Review" and "Final Review"). Once we click the "Create Approval Workflow" button we can use this workflow, and it will be available in the future for use with other files.

The Approval Workflow

For the file shown above we have a multi-tiered approval workflow, where the two tiers are labeled as "Stage 1" and "Stage 2". Stage 1 has already been approved, and we can see that Grace and Mark have already given their approval on the file. Now, we are waiting for Brandon and Marnie to provide their approval. The top of the approval workflow shows us that this file is still "In Review." 

Let's suppose that Brandon rejects the file. He can click on the "Comments" tab to add some comments as to why he has rejected the file. The person who uploaded this file will receive a notification that Brandon has rejected the file, and they will have the opportunity to upload a new version. If a new version of the file has been uploaded, then the review process will start over again. That is, Grace and Mark will receive a notification requesting their review of the newly uploaded file.

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