Creating Teams

To create a new team go to the Teams page and click the "Create Team" button.


Teams are required to have a workflow. You can use an existing workflow, or create a new one. Workflows represent the different phases in which a work item can exist. Notice from the screenshot below that each one of your workflow phases is a colored pill, and exists in one of four workflow categories:

  • Active
  • Completed
  • Halted
  • Canceled

Workflows are only required to have one Active phase and one Completed phase.

Team Color

The team color is used when displaying at teams work items on the calendar view. 

Board Card

Team board cards can be customized. Select "Custom" if you choose not to use the standard team board card layout.

WIP Limit

The Work In Progress (WIP) limit is used with Kanban teams only. It is a way to specify the maximum amount of work that can be worked on at any given time. On Ravetree the WIP limit is the maximum amount of work that can exist in any Active phase of your selected workflow. There isn't anything that will prevent a user from adding more work to a given phase than the specified WIP limit, but it will show you the WIP limit and the current number of work items in each phase.

Auto Archive

Auto Archiving Work Items will automatically "remove" work items from the board that are in a Canceled or Completed state after a certain period of time. This feature will help you keep your board clean and easy to manage without requiring you to manually remove them. Auto archiving is enabled by default with a setting of 30 days. You can change or disable this feature at any time.


Capacity is used by teams to measure the amount of work they can do in a given period of time. Selecting capacity here will set your default unit of measurement (i.e., "Hours", "Story Points", or "Work Items") in the team reports section. If you are a Scrum Team, then you can also specify capacity for each team member.

Team Members

This is a search field from which you can select the specific people who are members of this team.
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