Reviewing and Approving Requests

When someone submits a request form, then the reviewer(s) for the request form (as specified when setting up the request form template) will be notified about the new request. The notification will include a direct link to the request. You can also view all requests by visiting the "Requests" page, accessible via the Navigator menu:

In the screenshot below you can see the we have a few requests that are "In Review" and one that has already been approved. You can click on the "Request Title" to navigate to the request page for a specific request.

Below is the page for a request that someone has submitted, where Brandon is the reviewer. When this request was submitted Brandon received a real-time notification that included a link to this page. He can communicate with the person who submitted the request through the Comment section on the right. If/when Brandon approves this request, then it will automatically be converted in to a project.

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