Use the "Alerts" feature to notify you when certain conditions are met. There are three main types of alerts:

  1. Project Alerts
  2. Time Log Alerts
  3. Work Item Alerts

Alerts are sent to you based on conditions around your information (e.g., your work items, projects, or time logs). However, if you are a  manager, then you can also receive automated alerts that are relevant to the people you manage. In the screenshot below, the user happens to be a manager, so we can see the people they manage. This particular alert will send out an automated notification every day at 8:00 AM if Mark or Brandon has projects due the following day.


You have the option to turn the alert on or off. This can be useful if you go on vacation and don't want to receive any notifications while you are away.


Choose if you want to receive an email notification or Ravetree notification.

Alert Type

Choose from: Project, Time Log, or Work Item.


The name of your alert as shown in the Alerts list.


This section is visible if you happen to be a manager. In this case you can move people from the "People Managed" column to the "People Monitored" column if you want to monitor them.


This is where you can set the parameters around how often you are notified, and the specific conditions that will trigger a notification.

Run Time

Set the time of day you want to receive your alert.


This is an auto-generated verbose description of the alert. That is, it is a summary of the alert conditions you have set.

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