Customizing Your Dashboard

To customize your Home dashboard click on the blue "Edit Dashboards" button in the upper right.

The Edit Dashboard modal will appear presenting you with a variety of options for customizing your Home dashboard.

In the uppers right you will notice the blue "New Dashboard" button. If you click this, then you can create a new dashboard. You can access your different dashboards in the dropdown menu that appears in the upper left of the page next to where it says "Edit Dashboard." The name of each dashboard can be changed via the text field next to where it says "Dashboard Name." You can also specify which of your dashboards is the default dashboard. The default dashboard is the one that is shown whenever you navigate to the Home page.

Dashboard Widgets

Each of the light gray boxes represents a widget on your dashboard. You can select the widget that you want to appear in the box by choosing one of the options in the dropdown menu underneath where it says "Widget." You also have the option to specify the column width of the width. The height of the widget can be controlled via the "Row Height" dropdown menu located on the right of each row. Dashboard widgets are grouped by row, as opposed to being grouped by column. If you want to add a new widget to a given row, then click the blue Add Widget "+" button located on the right of each row. Make sure you click the "Save" button at the bottom to save your changes.

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