Creating invoices

To create an invoice you will first need to select the client for the invoice. Recall, a "client" in Ravetree is either a Contact or Account in the Ravetree CRM. If you haven't added your client to the CRM, then you will need to do that first. After you select a client, then you can click on the leftmost column header to add time logs and/or expenses to the invoice. This list will only show approved time logs and expenses associated with the selected client.

You can also select "Other" if you want to add individual line items to your invoice. After you have filled out your invoice you can click "Create" or "Create & Add" if you want to create another invoice after creating this one.

If you are utilizing our Retainers feature, then invoices are created automatically for each new retainer instance. See our documentation on Retainers to learn more about how Retainers work.

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