Gantt View

The "Gantt View" will allow you to easily visualize how your project is mapped out on a timeline. You can also see, and create, dependency relationships between your different work items.


The following work item types can be the topmost work item on the Gantt view: Epic, User Story, Task. Each work item type is color coded for easy reference:

  • Epic - purple
  • User Story - french rose
  • Task - teal
  • Sub-Task - blue

The dashed lines extending from the sides of a work item indicate a group of work items. For example, in the above screenshot the task "Send emails" has two sub-tasks (Gather attachments, and Create first draft).


You can create a dependency relationship between two different work items by clicking on the dots located directly to the left of right of a work item. The first dot that you click on will be the predecessor and the second dot that is clicked on will be the successor.

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