How to create an estimate

To create an estimate click on the blue "+" button and select "Estimate". An empty estimate form will appear as shown below:


This is the title for your estimate. The subject is visible to your client.

PO Number

If your estimate is in response to a purchase order, then you can enter the PO number here.

Issue Date

This is the date on which you are sending the estimate.


This is the date on which the estimate expires.


Enter the relevant tax rate that applies to your estimate (optional).


If you are offering a discount on your normal pricing, then you can enter the discount % here.


Select the currency that will be used for line items that are added to the estimate.


Select an account from the Ravetree CRM. This is the entity to which you are sending the estimate.


Select a contact from the Ravetree CRM. It is recommended that you select the contact first, as it will automatically populate the Account field above, if there is one associated with the selected contact. The contact is the person who will receive the estimate.

Customer Email

When selecting a contact their email address will automatically be inserted into this field. You can also enter other email addresses if needed.

Billing Address

This is the billing address for the account and is automatically populated when selecting an account.

Linked Template

You have the option to link a previously created project template to your estimate. Doing so will cause a project to automatically be generated from the selected template once the estimate has been accepted.

Send Estimate Now

Check this box if you want your estimate emailed directly to your client upon creation.

Adding Line Items

There are 4 options for adding line items to your estimate. If you have previously created an estimate template, then you can insert that template into your estimate by selecting one from the "Build From Template" dropdown menu. You can always make modifications to any of the line items after selecting an estimate template. As an alternative, or in addition to, you can also add individual line items via the "Add To Estimate" dropdown menu. This menu includes 3 options:

  1. Expense
  2. Service
  3. Other

Expense will allow you to select from a previously created expense category. You can also add details to the expense item. Service will allow you to select from a previously created service item (these can be created on the Admin/Service Items page). Details can also be added to service items. Select "Other" if you want to add a line item that isn't consider an expense or service item.

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