Office 365

Ravetree offers the following integrations with Office 365:

  1. Email
  2. Calendar
Please follow these steps to enable Office 365 Connections:
1) As an Administrator with access to the Admin section, navigate to Admin -> Connections section. Select "Office 365". This will allow all users in your Ravetree Portal to enable Calendar, and E-Mail Sync.

2) Next, each user individually, must then go to their "User Settings" page, by clicking on their User Profile picture in the upper right corner and click "Settings":

3) Click on "Connections" and enable Office 365. You MUST have pop-up blocker disabled in order to continue.

4) A pop-up dialog will appear asking you to authenticate with your Office 365 Email and Password, and allow Ravetree to access your Calendar and Email. Login and click "Allow".

Email Connection

The Email Connection will allow you to see your email history with each on of your contacts in the Ravetree CRM. You can respond to these email, and you can send new emails. You can also convert an email into a project, work item, or deal.

Calendar Connection

The Calendar Connection provides a two-way sync between your Ravetree calendar and your Office 365 Calendar. Any events created in the Ravetree calendar will show up on your Office 365Calendar, and vice versa.
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