Ravetree offers the following connections with Google:

  1. Gmail
  2. Google Calendar
  3. Google Drive
Please follow these steps to enable Google Connections:
1) As a G-Suite Administrator, you MUST first add Ravetree to your "Trusted Applications" list. Please contact support@ravetree.com for a representative to help guide you through this process. In order to use Google, you must be white listed on our end as well as yours, and we will need to verify the white list before you can use G-Suite with Ravetree.
1.1) In your G-Suite Admin section, Click "Security"

1.2) Scroll down to API Permissions and click "API Permissions"

1.3) Scroll down until you see the text "Trusted Apps". Click on "Trusted Apps"

1.4) Click on the "Yellow + Button" at the bottom to add a new app. Select Web Application, and paste this application ID into the field:


1.5) Click on the "Yellow + Button" AGAIN (yes, we are adding 2 apps for Ravetree). Select Web Application, and paste this application ID into the field:


1.6) Ravetree is now added as a trusted application to your organization.

2) Go back into Ravetree. As an Administrator with access to the Admin section, navigate to Admin -> Connections section. Select "G-Suite".This will allow all users in your Ravetree Portal to enable Google Drive, Calendar, and GMail Sync.:

3) Next, each user individually, must then go to their "User Settings" page, by clicking on their User Profile picture in the upper right corner and click "Settings":

4) Click on "Connections" and enable G-Suite. You MUST have pop-up blocker disabled in order to continue.

5) A pop-up dialog will appear asking you to allow Ravetree to access your Google Calendar, Email, and Drive. Click "Allow".

Google Calendar Connection

The Google Calendar Connection will allow you to see all your Google Calendar Events in Ravetree, as well as your Ravetree Events in your Google Calendar. Any event you edit in either calendar will be updated in the other. Your calendar will also allow accurate use of the Ravetree Schedule Page, allowing you to better see your teams

GMail Connection

The Gmail Connection will allow you to see your email history with each on of your contacts in the Ravetree CRM. You can respond to these email, and you can send new emails. You can also convert an email into a project, work item, or deal.

Google Drive Connection

The Google Drive Connection allows you to attach files from your Google Drive account. This is in addition to our Google Drive upload option (which does not require enabling the G-Suite integrations).
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