Comment Feed

About The Comment Feed

The Ravetree "Comment Feed" provides a central place from which you can view comments that have been added to content that matters to you. To access the Comment Feed click on the comment icon in the upper right corner:

What Comments Are Displayed?

The Comment Feed will show comments from:

  • Projects in which you are a member
  • Work Items you are following or assigned
  • Files you uploaded or have been asked to review
  • Events you are invited to
  • Accounts and Contacts where you are the "owner"
  • Requests you have submitted or have been asked to review
  • Retainers where you are the "owner"
  • Comments you have posted
  • Comments where you have been @mentioned

  1. This shows where the comment was made. You can click on it to navigate to the page.
  2. The "eye" icon lets you know if you've already read the comment. Click on it to change its status to "Marked as read".
  3. The "lock" icons tells you if this comment is visible to clients. The only comments that will show this icon are those that could potentially be viewed by a client in the client portal. 

Filtering Comments

You can click on the filter icon on the Comment Feed to reveal the available filtering options. Any filters that you may create can be saved. Note that any filters you apply will still implicitly filter your comments according to what is listed in the "What Comments Are Displayed?" section above.


You can filter your comments by whether or not they have been read.


Comments can be filtered by when they were created. You can select a minimum and maximum date range when filtering.


Comments can be filtered by when they were modified. You can select a minimum and maximum date range when filtering.


Choose the locations that comments are pulled from when running a filter.

Created By

You can filter your comment by who made the comment.


Filter your comments by who was @mentioned in the comment.

Visibile To Clients

Filter by comments that are visible to clients who have access to a client portal.

Has File

Filter comments by those that have a file attachment.

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