Contact Information

The Billing section is where you can configure your Ravetree Portal to utilize our Estimate & Invoices. The Contact Information is where you can set up your Billing Manager. A Billing Manager is the person responsible for processing and handling of Invoices. They are copied on all Invoice transactions (sent, paid, past-due). Often this person is the company accountant or financial manager.

The Address is the address which will be attached to all Estimates & Invoices. This can be the same address which was configured in the Company Information section, but it doesn't necessarily have to be. Some organizations have a different address for their billing department along with the a separate phone number.

The Billing Phone & Billing Email are attached to Invoices & Estimates as well. Like the Address, this can be the same or different than your Company Information. The Billing Email is also copied on all information the Billing Manager is copied on as well. If the Billing Email is the same Email Address as the Billing Manager, you can leave this blank, or enter in the Email Address of the Billing Manager.

Please note, if you do not configure you Contact Information (Address, Billing Email, Billing Phone) here, and if you use Estimates or Invoices, the "From" information will be blank.

Estimate & Invoice Options

To keep track of the number of Estimates & Invoices, and to help differentiate them, we assign ID's to them. When you come on board from Ravetree, we understand that you may already have a billing process in play, and you may already have a number assigned to your Invoices. We allow you to specify your last Estimate / Invoice ID, and Ravetree will pick it up from there and continue the numeric sequence. 

The Due Date is also configureable from here. This is the default Due Date for Estimates & Invoices, although you can change the Due Date within the Estimate or Invoice, this is the default that they will all have. You can choose from "Upon Receipt", "15 Days", "30 Days", "45 Days", or "60 Days".

Terms & Conditions can also be attached to Estimates & Invoices. If you enter information in this field, these Terms & Conditions will be appended to all Estimates & Invoices

Payment Options

Ravetree offers the ability for your to accept payments for you Invoices using Stripe! To enable Stripe, toggle it to "Enabled" and enter in your Stripe Publishable Key & Secret Key. Don't worry, these are encrypted with 512 bit one way encryption once you save them. If Stripe is enabled, when you send invoices to a client, they are provided with a link where they can access their Invoice, and pay it online via Credit Card into your Stripe Account.

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