What are Deals, and how to create them?

What are deals?

In Ravetree, the sale you are pursuing with an Account or Contact is tracked as a deal, which is processed through the stages of your pipeline until it is either WON or LOST.

When clicking on a deal, a slider will appear with the deal's Detail View, which displays all of the relevant contact information, as well as all activities, files, and notes, associated with the deal. Deals can be associated with an Account, Contact, or both!Deals track all activities that take place throughout your sales process.

  • Since a Deal is connected to an Account or Contact, any actions you perform on the Deal will also be associated with the Account / Contact related to it.

How do I create a deal?

When you are on Deals Page, you can click on the "+ Deal" button in the upper right and a Deal form will appear. This allows you to create one deal at a time, and note the specific information — like Account, Contact, Deal Value, Assignee, and Expected Close Date.

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