What are Pipeline Phases, and how do I change a Deals Phase?

The pipeline phase allow members to track their deals and manage their pipeline so they always know what their prospects needs. The pipeline phase also help reps estimate when a deal might close. 

Let's say your average deal time is 30 days, whether you close on the deal or not. If the average prospect spends 12 days in the "Made Contact" phase, and 8 days in the "Demo" phase, you know that a prospect 5 days into the "In Negotiations" phase will likely close in approximately one week.

Changing a Deals phase can be done in 3 ways:

  • Drag the Deal card on the Board View to the next phase

  • Click on the Deal to have the Slider come out, and click on the Deal Phase Drop down

  • Navigate to the Deal List View, and click on the Deal Phase Drop down

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