Deal Stages - Open, Won, Lost, Abandoned

Deals have 4 stages: Open, Won, Lost, and Abandoned. What is the difference you ask? We can explain.


An Open Stage means that Deal is Active, and currently being worked. The customer is still interested and the Deal Assignee is in some sort of engagement in its current Phase.


This mean that you have won the deal, and the deal amount will contribute to your overall deal value and metrics. A won Deal, can be marked as "won" in ANY Phase. 


A lost deal is when a customer decides to not move forward with the deal. When you mark a deal as "lost", the value and metrics will show how much value has been lost. A deal can be marked as "lost" in ANY Phase.


Abandoned is very different from "lost". This means that you have made a decision to not pursue the deal, or complete it. It also means that you did not hear back from the prospect and they have not accepted or declined the Deal. Many people use this Stage for deals that have "gone cold". A deal can be marked as "abandoned" in ANY Phase.

How do I change the Stage of a Deal?

There are two ways you can change the Stage of a Deal

  • In the Board View, click on the "3 dot menu" and you can select "Won", "Lost", "Abandoned".

  • Click on the name of the Deal, when the Slider comes out, select the Stage from the Drop Down.

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