How do I create and edit Pipelines?

Pipelines can be created in the Admin -> CRM Setup section. To get there, you can either navigate to Admin, then select CRM Setup. Or, if you are in the CRM section of Ravetree, in the upper right corner, click on the "3 dot menu" and click "Setup Pipelines"

From here, to create a new Pipeline, click on the "+ Pipeline" button and a dialog will appear. You can then give your pipeline a name, set it to Private, Lock it, and configure the phases.

Private Pipeline

A 'Private' Pipeline means only the creator will be able to see or edit this Pipeline. Any Deals used by other people will be removed from this Pipeline.

Locked Pipeline

A 'Locked' Pipeline only allows the creator of the Pipeline to edit or delete the pipeline.

Win Probability

Each Phase can have a "Win Probability". This is the probability threshold you set for each phase (odds of converting the deal into a sale). The Win Probability also affects the potential value of the deal. This is reflected in the Board View of the deal. For example, if our Deal is valued at $32,000 and the Pipeline Phase has a "Win Probability" of 25%, the current "Weighted Deal Value" will be $8,000.


The Rotting feature will allow you to be aware of deals that have been idle for a longer period of time than you have specified in a Pipeline Phase. Once enabled and configured, your Pipeline will visually notify you of any deals that have remained untouched for longer than the defined rotting period.

Setting up the Rotting feature

To define rotting periods for your pipeline stages:

  • Click the "3 dot menu" next to the deal and click "Edit". A dialog will appear with your Pipeline. Select the "3 dot menu" of the phase you wish to edit, enable Rotting, and select the number of days. Click "Update".

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