Schedule Page Overview

The Schedule page is where you can allocate resources and answer questions such as:

  • Who has capacity to take on more work?
  • Does our organization have capacity to take on more work?
  • Is anyone over/under utilized, and if so, by how much?

Allocated vs Remaining Hours

In the above screenshot you will notice a number in each cell (for a given user on a given day). Since the "Allocated" radio button is selected at the top, this number tells us how many hours the person is allocated on that day. For example, Allison is allocated 9.7 hours on Wednesday, October 18. This number comes from the sum total of the estimated hours for all works items to which she is assigned on that day. In this case, two different work items. 

Hours Vs Utilization

You will notice two radio buttons at the top labeled "Hours" and "Utilization." If "Utilization is selected, then it will look the the screenshot above.


There may be times when you create work items that don't have an assignee, or that don't have a start date and end date. These work items can be viewed by clicking the blue "Backlog" button in the upper left.

The work items that are listed in the backlog can be dragged and dropped on a users row to assign it to that user. It will also update the work items start date to the date on which it is dropped. By default, the work item will span two days, but this can be modified by stretching the colored bar that represents the work items date range.

Backlog can be filtered by clicking on the filter icon and selecting the desired filters. For example, we may choose to filter the backlog by the work role "Software Engineer" so we can find a work item to assign to Allison on October 26-30.

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